If this store represents the values ​​of the west coast while the poor are necessarily all California deaf, blind and olfactory reduced. Yes old what. Sensory marketing is nice when we Intermarket pass a background sound Gérald De Palmas. This is oddly more ridiculous and less efficient when the music is rock bottom and when it stinks cheap perfume , when you do not see where you walk (and not much clothing for sale) and especially when sellers speak another language. You would think a mix between LC Club , Sephora and Austrian cellar.Witness this grandma yelling into the ear of a beautiful saleswoman in thongs " YOU HAVE THE SAME IN S ? ". Yes I did not say but all sellers are pretty.Hollister Outlet Sale,Hollister UK Online, A bit redundant in the sense that the darkness could have easily work towards recruiting ugly sellers. Too bad they will file a resume to market clothing.Hollister is the flagship brand of Californian surfers in the United States , created by an American clothing company founded in 1892 by David Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch . Behind the European market , it is after Abercrombie and Fitch Hollister that is implanted in the French department stores and throughout Europe.When I get a nice surprise waiting for me , I would not do the tail as stupidly at the gate of Abercrombie and Fitch Paris . Admission is free , it is a good thing! When the storefront she immerses us in an intimate atmosphere with a chandelier hanging from the ground at the entrance . This is an entry that is hard to miss.
Everyone has the five senses : sight, hearing, smell, touch and libido. That said we can still legitimately question the concept because obviously this store is for young people and at last count it is always the parents who hold the family portfolio. Will try to drag your parents in such a claustrophobic place for over 30 years . If the stores are starting to look like nightclubs soon we will go to the shed to buy bananas briefs .Hollister Outlet Sale,Hollister UK Online,What about the front of the house Californian, we believe directly eradicated from the U.K. west coast , with as a sandy ... escalators. And the lifeguards at the entrance while the single point of water is 500 meters away. Obviously they are there for the photo, besides these two were probably photographed in a week that yet beautiful glass dome under which they are rampant . To the nice lady asking if these two young people were known to be photographed with everyone I could only reply " Uh, no it's just two guys in red swimsuit So today I decided to tell you a little about my favorite brand, it is not by chance but because HOLLISTER STORE FIRST FRENCH OPEN COMING! On September 30 last, Hollister Outlet Sale,Hollister UK Online,in the mall Carré Sénart a Hco shop opened. We find the atmosphere known American shops and the concept that the success of A & F and Hollister shop theme, discreet, identifiable by smell, with very little light music club and strong enough "impacts" the perfect body.
Just inside, a vendors gives me a "hello , how are you ? ! "( Oh, we already tu ? ) In an area of ​​approximately 700m ² dimly lit but changes the ordinary . The atmosphere is inspired by a cocooning concept symbolizing the Californian lifestyle : big waves, Hollister Outlet Sale,Hollister UK Online,surf and sun as a table that plunges us into a little too positive positive energy, energy for my taste also because the music there is too strong. My mother did not even entent me show him the way of the new collection of clothing. When my nose is too seek the perfume store The Epic Hollister cologne that is sprayed every five minutes away by salespeople on the clothing brand . So it casserole loudly in Hollister .With a reputation in the United States, the brand intends to conquer the target youth 16/25 years with its line of casual clothing inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of Southern California , and "surf" style . The popularity of the brand in the Americas has established itself among its young customers. However , the brand is she the most popular among teenagers and young French adults for more than four consecutive seasons and has been since 2007 * as the United States , not sure ! To realize the credibility of industiel monster that Hollister, I visited one of its two stores in Sénart Square ...hollister 1.jpgOn already hear the cries of fashion bloggers , Hollister landed in France friends! After Abercrombie and Fitch on the Champs Elysee, it is his little brother to settle around Paris . Hollister Outlet,Hollister Sale,Hollister UK Online,Present in department stores Sénart Square ( Lieusaint , Seine -et- Marne), and Velizy 2 in Yvelines Hollister hopes to catch up with Europe and particularly in France .
If it comes to vendors , unless they match the stereotype present in the store Abercrombie and Fitch Paris . We savings dances to kill bored accompanied broken English of French merchants in Albercrombie " hye , what's appened ? ". More natural, shall we say, " Hollister girls " are little makeup, wearing a simple jeans , t -shirt and tap the foot as the image of Californian style that the brand wants to give . Hollister Outlet Sale,Hollister UK Online,Sellers are dressed in the same style that create a copy / paste them not necessarily very original for the brand. On this subject, Hollister is not really gaining points.It is certain that the original store made ​​me still have a good time (if you consider migraine unless of course). I must admit, I do not quite see the difference between Hollister and Abercrombie even if the firm is selling clothing to adapt its collections according to the style of its customers and budget. Apart from the models present on the tables, I have nothing to really "California" in the collection it offers. While I admit I came away with a Hollister shirt, but in all honesty, even if the firm is the only company to offer this type of marketing ("everything is beautiful in the world best") in its stores, I don 'will not return anytime soon.